Normatek has been operating in the sector with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the production of connectors. It first started production in line with the requirements of the electric and furniture sub-industry in 1996. Over time it expanded the product range to serve in consumer durables, automotive sub-industry, industrial window production, and in other sectors.

Normatek developed its production technology and increased its competitiveness in the market through serving companies in Turkey and abroad as a sub-industry. Exporting 65 % of its production, Normatek has become a strong competitor in its sector and a permanent and reliable partner for its customers. Normatek attributes the point where it stands today to its commitment to ethics, its transparency and reliability.

Normatek has the capacity and capability to produce pieces manufactured by the cutting method with high-speed and without shaving through combining cold forming and scrubbing with the technique of form-creation. Form-creation through scrubbing is a technology, science, and an art, as well. This has provided support to a large extent for our customers to lower purchasing costs. Normatek is the pioneer of the connectors industry with this aspect.

The principles to which we have remained faithful since our inception are to maintain trust-based relationships with our all workers and partners, to act as a team for business excellence, and to satisfy our partners continuously not just once. Normatek aims to provide its services in quality, reliable, scientific, ethical and competitive conditions through using advanced technology. Normatek is a company which aspires to become a leading and reference establishment of international standards, to continuously learn and teach, and to provide maximum benefit to its customers, shareholders and employees.

Our vision is to become a company that has achieved business excellence; generates value for society and the environment; constantly grows with new advances; aims to keep satisfaction of customers, workers and shareholders at the highest level; and closely follows the target markets in Turkey and the world and therefore becomes the leader of this industry. Moving based on the concept that we are always at the beginning of the road, Normatek aims to provide its services together effectively and become a pioneer in the industry.

• Reliability
• Being quality-oriented
• Compliance with the ethics
• Being Scientific
• Leadership
• Innovation

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